Jeffrey K. Liker – The Toyota Way Audiobook

Jeffrey K. Liker – The Toyota Way Audiobook

Jeffrey K. Liker - The Toyota Way Audio Book Free

The Toyota Way Audiobook


This book is clearly the total overview to the beginnings, significance, and also application of the Toyota Manufacturing System. I am glad I selected this up adhering to the many favorable evaluations I check out it. The author is master story-teller, checking out the chapter made me feel like I got on the shop floor and experiencing Kaizen unravel in Toyota. Currently, I am inspired more than ever that Kaizen really works!In spite of the recent awkward item recalls, Toyota remains an extremely valued worldwide leader. Jeffrey Liker’s 2004 book on “The Toyota Means” sums up twenty years of insightful research. He suggests that the 4-P version of Refine, Viewpoint, People/Partners and Problem Addressing describes the 4 interdependent elements needed for lasting success.

Spread throughout the text are descriptions of how as well as why other companies have actually failed to prosper in adopting lean production or “The Toyota Way”. They consist of: absence of elderly management participation or commitment, concentrate on tools/techniques without a focus on society, overemphasis on expense decrease, lack of discipline to sustain flow renovations, focus on format/rules in ISO 9000, improper outsourcing, provider abuse, and also an excessively slim emphasis in 6 sigma on analytical techniques used by experts. The Toyota Way Audiobook Free. The book’s understandings and also stories are beneficial, however not absolutely persuasive.

The text provides great historic as well as contemporary background on Toyota’s high quality system and also progress. It additionally describes and also shows more than 30 of the top quality devices and strategies in a non-technical way. The book is well-written and efficient, covering an enormous amount of material effectively.

Along with the many “ideal techniques” high quality methods adopted by the majority of Japanese as well as leading western companies today, Toyota stresses a couple of other management methods which incorporate to make its strategy distinct. Within the context of “14 administration concepts”, the author explains the worth of cultural support for tools, the function of standardization as the basis for collective knowing, the centrality of design as well as production, making use of suitable technology, the benefits of experiential learning, the rationale for unit of one production, the function of inventory and goals in producing challenges to solve, the temporary mixing of push and pull techniques, the extent of reliable techniques, the nature of an enabling administration and also the need to preserve vital interior capabilities. The author does not constantly explain “why” these options are necessary or exactly just how they include value.

The writer closes with an insightful listing of “13 Tips for Transitioning Your Firm to a Lean Venture”. Dr. Liker is an unapologetic true believer in “The Toyota Way”. His suggestions to those who do not share his dedication is the weakest part of a very highly important reference work on Toyota and Lean Manufacturing.” [Non-committed] leading leaders ought to choose from whatever tools are available to improve processes for the short term, make a bundle of loan, as well as go do another thing. This is tantamount to admitting the company will never ever be a knowing business, or an excellent business, as well as it is only interested in cutting and also lowering waste to look great for the short term.”This is an outstanding publication to discover the gorgeous simplicity of the Toyota Manufacturing System. Although simple is constantly best, with difficult cars and trucks, machines and big amounts of parts, it sometimes is lost in the jungle of the production floor. This is where a business’s leadership is essential to the success of the lean production venture. Obviously, the Toyoda family had a long line of dazzling people that have not just kept the concepts to life, however remained to drive the business to tape-record growth and profits. This book is great for showing the means, however there is a lot even more detail requred to really carry out the system. As an intro to the system and also the viewpoints, this publication is outstanding. If you are looking to execute lean production, you will certainly require more than one book to achieve the job, and also you will certainly need leadership within your organization that is willing to transform and embrace a new means. The majority of company efforts will certainly fall down due to managment not having the stamina it takes to totally transform their plant floor, their product flow and their processes. Jeffrey K. Liker – The Toyota Way Audio Book Download. With the Toyota Manufacturing System, you are never ever “done” but you remain to search for improvement for life.